Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Moss Flower series

Bloomin' Moss, 2009, 11" x 14" (sold)
The inspiration for the Moss Flower Series comes from long walks in the woods in Muskoka. In the spring, there are these tiny little plants that grow out of the moss. They're incredibly bright, bold and sturdy yet so small that no one ever notices them unless they're pointed out. These tiny little moss flowers are also extremely invasive within their environment, covering large swaths of the Canadian Shield to ultimately provide the medium and nutrients needed for other, larger future plant growth.

These moss flowers remind me humans. We are so small within the scope of the universe yet we are incredibly invasive within our environment on planet Earth. The question is whether we ultimately provide for future growth.

There are only 6 of the 12 works left in the series. They are mixed media pieces with texture mediums to create three dimensional reliefs. I’ve also used iridescent, metallic and gold/silver/copper pigments in many of the pieces. The combination of techniques makes it so that the paintings change throughout the day with the filtering of natural light, as if to bring the work back to the natural space it was inspired from.

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