Thursday, January 27, 2011

My application to Artists Wanted is in!

Artists Wanted : A Year In Review is an international open call for art in all mediums. Artists have a chance at $10,000 in grants, international publicity and a feature exhibition in the Scope Art Show during Armory Week in New York City. Although I don't have any notions of winning, I entered this competition thinking that even just a little exposure with the chance of being seen by top judges was worth the entry fee. There is also a popular vote with prize so if you feel inclined to do it, check out my entry at: and click on the stars to vote for my work.

PS: Thank you to Col Mitchell for sharing your entry and informing us of this great opportunity!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My first fused glass project completed!

And here it is, my first fused glass art piece! Other than me being my usual overly-critical self about my own work, I'm really happy with it. Now that I have a better understanding of how glass and frit work together, I may even consider creating a few more pieces with a refined version of the moss flower pattern. I still have a lot to learn about glass and kilns though. It's a really fascinating art and science.

If you'd like to learn how to make fused glass art, check out

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first fused glass art piece!

This winter, I had a chance to take a workshop in fused glass art. Although it was a lot of fun and provides me a new, valued skill, it was also a challenge. Glass is a material I’ve never used except to look at or through. I’ve often gazed longingly at stained glass windows and multitudes of glass art, in awe at the beauty and wondering about the process. I finally had my chance to learn! And I found out that it takes patience, firm skill and a delicate hand.

For my first fused glass art project, I decided to try and recreate one of my paintings from the Moss Flower series. It's an image I know well and I felt I could better understand the entire process of fusing glass if I had something familiar to work from. The photos below show the piece in progress. As I write this, I am waiting for it to be kiln-fired (a 24-hour process in itself). Stay tuned for a photo of the finished piece.

Left to right: cut glass pieces are placed onto a clear sheet of glass; frit is added for the background and highlights; Greg (owner of Gotham Glassworks) places the glass in the kiln; the final piece in the kiln ready to be fired.
By the way, if you’re in the Schomberg area and are interested in taking a workshop in fused glass, visit Greg Locke, who also sells his works, will be happy to provide all the details.

Sneak Preview

"Torment of the Heart's Desires"2010
22" x 11"
Mixed media on wrapped canvas

This winter has found me exploring with different materials and learning new techniques to express ideas and concepts. Among them are glass beads, silk embroidery and furs. The concept-based works speak to my thoughts on the fur trade and my feelings toward our collective Canadian social history. They are also quite personal and link to my feelings about hunting, trapping and patriotism. The series is not yet complete but I’ve attached one piece here for your perusal. It is the first one to be "unveiled". The remaining works are tentatively slated for a future solo show (details forthcoming).

HAS HEART - February 4-26

Opening Night Friday, February 4th from 6-8pm
HAS Heart is an exhibition of selected works created by over 25 Huntsville Art Society members, exploring through various media their heartfelt, heartbreaking and heart warming discoveries.
The following local and area artist exhibitors are Heather Aycan, Debbie Bradley, Nathalie Bertin, Joyce Butler, Pam Carnochan, Emerald Chamberlain, Roxanne Driedger, Vicki Dodds, Janice Feist, Carol Ferris, Diane Finlayson, Tammy Gravina, Mandy Higgs, Marilyn Hozack, Patricia Lalonde, Catherine Luce, Laurie Luttrell, Brian Markham, Col Mitchell, Wendy Oke, Geraldine O'Meara, Kathy Reid, Marilyn Smith, Rudi Stade, Shannon Stark, Diane Thoms, Roberta Twaddle, Pat Whittle, Elspeth Wright, and Gill Young.

Click here for more details.