Monday, February 28, 2011

Pics from the HAS Heart show, The Art Space, Huntsville, ON

Various works from the HAS Heart show
at The Art Space, Huntsville, ON
HAS Heart was an "exhibition of selected works created by over 25 Huntsville Art Society members, exploring through various media their heartfelt, heartbreaking and heart-warming discoveries." The show opened on Friday February 4th and ran to February 26, 2011.

Curated by renowned local sculptor  Brenda Wainman Goulet.
My piece: "Torment of The Heart's Desires", 2010
About “Torment of the Heart’s Desires”

When we desire, our hearts ache. When we understand the consequences that sometimes must occur for us to obtain our heart’s desires, we can become tormented. Do we really want what we desire? Is there value in it? Is it worth killing for?

This work is not meant to be a pro or anti fur comment. Rather, it would be best used as a point of discussion about the reality that we humans have killed animals, trees, entire ecosystems and even other humans to obtain our hearts’ desires. However, this piece isn't about what's right or wrong. It's about attempting to understand and reconcile our feelings toward these things we desire.

From a personal standpoint, as a hunter, I am tormented with guilt each time I kill an animal. On the other hand, I do it so that I can have a clean, non-genetically modified, steroid-free food source for myself and my family. We also make full use the whole animal including the fur. Although my survival counts on this food-source and justifies my reasons for hunting, it doesn't absolve me from the emotional feelings I get each and every time I act on my desire to be self-sustaining.