Monday, June 16, 2014

Another piece done just for fun

Another small piece done purely just for fun. Think I'll give the pepper a glossy spot varnish.

Inspired by mosquitoes?

A piece I did just for fun. It's called "Muskoka Sunset". Who would ever have thought I'd be inspired by mosquitoes... I was going to call it "Canadian Gothic" but then figured I'd save that title for if I ever painted a portrait of a couple holding a zapper racquet.

Monday, June 2, 2014

"Letting Go" (2014)

"Letting Go" (2014)
Acrylic, wrapped canvas
Ducks get rid of their old, tattered feathers once a year. During the moult, they can’t fly and it leaves them open to predators. That’s where the saying "sitting duck" comes from.
Humans often have trouble letting go -- of worn out ideas, attitudes, colour palettes or even of people and guilt. The reasons are plentiful and the fear of being left vulnerable is not easy to overcome.
The big difference between us and the ducks is that ducks don’t have a choice with the timing of their biological process.