Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I love round dances

"Round Dance III" (2015) Digital File
I love round dances. I love everything about them. They move me, compel me. They are lively. They are peaceful. They are means of protest. They unify and are inclusive.

I love round dances.

What'll We Do With the Blueberries?

"What'll We Do With All the Blueberries?" 2014, Acrylic on wrapped canvas
I hope this newsletter finds you well and that you've survived the winter in good form! Pretty soon, it will be time to start painting outside again. More importantly, it'll be time to scout "the rocks" for one of my favourite summer treats: blueberries! I'll be back in Muskoka before too long, feeding off the beauty and nourishment of the land, as I continue working on my latest series of landscape paintings. (The painting above was inspired by a blueberry-picking trip when my brother and his family came over for a lovely visit last year.)

About the Landscape Series
The area I've been inspired to paint is special to me. It feeds me. As a matter of fact, I never, EVER set out to become a landscape painter (figuring there were enough Group of Seven-esque works out there) but this area is so incredible that the desire to study it has become stronger than me. (I even wrote a major physical geography paper on it when I was finishing my BEd a few years back!) I'm lucky enough to have a small cabin in the woods there with just enough room to work in. I'm looking forward to getting back there on a regular basis to paint, to enjoy, to hunt and fish, to learn and simply to feel alive again.

Over the winter, I've completed about a dozen pieces relating to my little piece of heaven. One of my goals, at this point, is to complete at least another dozen or so. By then, I should be able to pick and choose a solid offering to put on exhibition. I will be actively seeking exhibition opportunities when I'm nearing completion of the series. Hopefully, I will be able to bring these works to you to see in a proper gallery setting instead of just over the 'net. (Even great pictures can't really capture paintings, after all.) And if the work sells prior to that? Well, that's a good thing too! It simply means I can keep painting more!

New: Shop Directly On My Web Site!
Speaking of sales, I FINALLY created shopping carts on my own web site. Now you can buy my artwork and beadwork directly from my site at, in addition to visiting my fabulous representing galleries. A listing of available artwork direct from the studio can be found in the Fine Art section. You can also find available beadwork items such as the Trapper Hats and Moccushions© in the Traditional Art section of the site.

Contest! Help Me Pick Images for Card Packs For A Chance to Win!
Finally, I'm working on putting together a package of prints and card packs to extend my offerings and make them more accessible. Choosing which pieces should be included is proving to be a bit difficult. I suppose it's like choosing a favourite among your kids! So, I'm opening it up to you. Everyone who 
emails back with the titles of 5 images from my web site (or any of my work at my rep galleries or past work) will be entered into a draw. The winner will receive a package of fine art cards with envelopes of the top selection as chosen by you! (Contest Rules: Contest closes April 30, 2015. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen by draw after the contest closes April 30, 2015. Prize will be mailed once the art cards are selected and printed.)

That's all the news for now. Feel free to contact me with commissions, questions, comments or querries. Until we meet again, I continue to wish you well!