Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Student projects

Every once in a while I'm contacted by a teacher or parent of a student asking if it would be OK for them to contact me so they can do a school project about me and my art. I'm always surprised and flattered by this. I love helping students with their education so this is a real treat for me. Sometimes the students are doing essays (especially in the higher grades). The younger ones usually do artwork. I'm thrilled when they send me copies or photos of the work they've done so I had to share a couple of the recent ones I've received this year.

The Postcard Project was done over a period of a couple of months. The idea is that a student choses a picture from a selection of various locals artists (which the teacher has prearranged with the artists). The student then creates an image in response and sends it in post card format to the artist. The artist then creates a post card size response to the student.

This year's Postcard Project w...as to help teach about residential school. Having never been to residential school, I could only send in an image of what going to a catholic school felt like to me (which I explained to the teacher beforehand). So I sent in the image with a little trepidation but, ultimately, I think the artful conversation was thoughtful and genuine. I love the whole concept behind the Postcard Project. It doesn't take a lot of time or expense and I believe it does a great job connecting kids to the language of art.

This photo shows the painting that was studied by a grade 2 student for art class. She chose to study one of my landscapes entitled "I can hear my heart beating in the still morning sun" (2014, oil/canvas). On the right is her interpretation of the piece. :)